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Woof Academy is different than all the other daycare facilities in the area because we tailor each socialization session to a dogs size, personality and energy, each session has the same dogs who attend that session every week.  Our socialization sessions are more than just doggie daycare, each session is a learning opportunity for every dog where our highly trained staff is constantly monitoring every dog and uses both positive and redirecting training techniques to encourage healthy interactions and manners for all of our woof dogs.   


We offer a session weekday mornings from 8am - 12pm and another afternoons 1pm - 5pm (Tue, Wed, Thu) or 12:30pm - 4:30pm (Fri).  Each session caters to different sized dogs.    Dogs who are accepted into our program are placed into one or more weekly sessions depending on your dogs needs, session fit, and of course your schedule.  Once your dog has been selected for its session, it is expected they will come on a weekly basis to that specific session to ensure a consistency within the pack and promote healthy social bonding within the same group of dogs. 

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  1. Fill out our online application 

  2. Gather your up-to-date vaccines and fecal records and email them to us at

  3. One of our staff will reach out to you to discuss your specific socialization goals and determine what session will be the most appropriate starting session for your dog and set up a time to do a temperament test.   

  4. A temperament test is the way we evaluate how your dog will fit into the selected session.   It is normal for new dogs to exhibit some anxiety when introduced to a group of other dogs, so we slowly introduce your dog to the pack a few dogs at a time and closely monitor everyone's behavior.   Some dogs require a couple temperament tests to make sure they will be a good fit for that session, or possibly another session that is a better fit.  

  5. Once your dog has passed its temperament test, and has been selected for their daycamp session, you can purchase one of our adult dog socialization packages.  Packages come in 10, 20, and 30 sessions packs that you can use to book your reservations.

  6. For your first session, show about about 5 minutes early so one of our staff can show you around and let you know what to expect for the first day.  Please remember to bring your signed Client Release form.

  7. Once you have dropped your dog off, you are free to observe the beginning of the session for the first few minutes from our retail location or in our viewing room, but we ask parents to minimize the time they spend observing so the dogs are not distracted by their parents and fully engage with the other dogs.  

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