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In-Home Training

In-Home private training sessions are intended to make life with your four legged friend better for you and, in turn, for your dog. You will receive a personalized dog training plan that will cover an array of behavioral issues and basic obedience needs ranging from, but not limited to, the following:

House Training

Teach your dog to communicate with you when they need to go outside and appropriate places to go potty.

Owner/Home Guarding

Learn what corrective actions you can take for your dog to feel safe and secure so it no longer guards people and things.


Learn what triggers barking in your dog and how you can teach your dog to reduce barking.

Stranger Fear

Help your dog to feel more comfortable and approachable with strangers.

Boundary Issues

Help your pup to respect boundaries within your home.


Learn how to help bind your dog's anxiety so it feels more safe and secure in a variety of situations and circumstances.

Crate Training

Make your dog's crate one of its favorite places, a safe sanctuary that it enjoys spending time in.

Leash Manners

Learn proper leash handling skills that make your dog a joy to walk.

Impulse Control

Teach your dog to be patient and follow your commands.


Identify what the root causes issues are causing the destructive behavior and learn corrective techniques to mitigate the behavior.


Teach your dog how to interact in healthy ways with other dogs.


Help reduce stressful triggers for your dog and teach it to build up a higher tolerance for stressful situations that may provoke reactivity.

1 Hour Session

Scheduled at your Home


 If you think this is a good fit for your training needs please email Pamela directly at and she will reach out to you to discuss options that best suit your needs.

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